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3219 Dalton Road
Cato, NY  13033

September 25th

September 24TH
10a.m. - 2 p.m.

On top of having a free class, MTA Distributing (MTA and MTA Distributing on facebook) will be donating 2 Ogio Adrenaline bags and a Ogio Slayer bag to the women's class.  Along with that Jeff Kunzwiler has donated a pair of goggles. These items will be given away through a random drawing, which will give all the women an opportunity to receive them.  Further, Michael Gossen has offered to give all the women, no matter where they place, $10.  On top of that Spring Valley Landscaping has offered to pay the $10 gate fee for all Women and Schoolgirl riders, which will be reimbursed at sign up.  On behalf of the Women and Schoolgirls, we thank each and every one of your for you very generous donations.