3219 Dalton Road
Cato, NY  13033

September 27th

September 26th
                                         September 26-27th

September 27th is Round 23 of the USMX series, as well as Round 10 of the PSI/WNYMA Championship Cup and Round 7 of the WNYMA “Fly” fall series

Women’s class:   Not only will the Women’s class be receiving VISA gift cards in the amounts of $150 for 1st place overall, $125 for 2nd, $100 for 3rd, and a set of gear for 4th, but Norman Seguin is contributing 3 sets of 100% goggles and 3 pair of gloves, Bob Sanders is contributing 2 pair of goggles, Jerome Krzemien is contributing 10 gas cans, Chelsea Lee Townsend is contributing a set of handlebars and Michael Gosson is putting up $50 holeshot prizes for both motos and if the same person gets the holeshot, he will give them an extra $50. He will also be rewarding the bottom 5 finishers by paying their class fee.  You must, however, finish both motos to be eligible.  Thank you so much.
In addition, we will also be handing out prizes for each class throughout the day
Vintage bike race:  We will be incorporating a pre 1990 Vintage bike class into the Sunday race order.
Pit Bike race:  Saturday afternoon we will be holding a pit bike race.
Practice:  Saturday from 10-2p.m. $20.00 per rider.
Gates will be open on Friday from 4-11p.m. On Saturday, the gates will be open from 8:30a.m. until 11:00p.m. and will reopen on Sunday at 6:30a.m. Saturday night sign ups will be from 6:30 – 8:30p.m. and Sunday sign ups will be from 7 – 9a.m.  Since the days are getting shorter,the riders meeting
 will be held at 8:15a.m. on Sunday with practice starting immediately after.
 Please note:  Everyone entering the facility will have to pay the gate fee.​  However, you
 will be refunded your money if you leave after Saturday practice.
BARNEY'S BBQ   will be serving  Pasta /Meatballs with sauce, tossed salad & Italian
 bread or Grilled Pork Tenderloin with Salt Taters & Coleslaw from 3-6pm or until 
gone on Saturday for $7.00 per plate